SwapWink Business provides the tools that you need to create a stronger relationship with the one who holds the key to your company’s heart: your client.

Create the number of surveys that you require. And, when they’re done, thank those who gave you their valuable ideas and time with a reward.


Real-time results

Monitor results anytime and anywhere. Our graphs will help you analyze them efficiently to make the right decisions.

Easy to use

We have created a user-friendly and simple platform to make your life easier and happier.

Good prices

Pay just what you need to pay for. Let’s say you need to carry out 3,000 surveys, you’ll pay for those 3,000 surveys via credit or debit card on our website. When you’re done with those and want to come back for more, we’ll give you a warm “welcome back” digital hug.


Feel free to access SwapWink Business in your laptop via our website and on your tablet or smartphone by downloading our swaptastic app, which is available for Android and iOS operating devices.


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